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Reviews for "Popular on the Internet"


Wow, man, that was just a twisted trip, man. That "puppy" was just off. And the guy when he starts "maaaaan...." and paints on the other guys face was just some weird-out trip thing man.

this is a classic

and i still love it. i quote it daily.

lol that was pretty funny

There are alot of people out there who treat the internet like a playground, some of them take that mentallity into the world, I thought the animation was pretty good and that the message was funny, good work.

Not stolen

The author is "somebody" from the fuck society. A flash of his was stolen and placed on the frontpage yesterday, Bear hello". Perhaps this is an apology? Look at the post date.


Taken from thefucksociety.

Unless your the maker of this flash dont post stolen content.

As for the movie itself it was....how you say as insane as the other "friend society" flashes with the execption of bananaphone..

And yes this flash is old...