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Reviews for "Popular on the Internet"

I liked it

This was actually pretty good, I duno, i just liked it... :)

Lol, I think some people just don't get it.



What was that about? almost had a seizure watching it. Try actually putting some effort next time.


this has been out for quite some time, and your not the author of it, isnt that stealing? and posting on a diff website. dont claim things as your own!

Ow, my ears!

Jesus, man, change the fucking sounds. That hurt my ears, and not from being loud...

the graphics were sub-par at best, and there was no point to it at all. It wasn't funny, it wasn't even all that violent...

the only reason you got higher than a 0 is because you gave me a new thing to say to people who piss me off... So thanks for that, I suppose.

It would have been entertaining if you had put forth more effort.