Reviews for "Popular on the Internet"

lol a little strange

i liked it. It was really funny. Still it was kind of creepy hes running around people appear out of nowhere and he smears blood on there face. It's almost like your waiting, because u know something really messed up is probably about to happen. Strange but good :). keep on trucking. LOL


This is my favorite flash on Newgrounds.

Nothing beats this, honestly. The way it is all put together is so perfect. The song at the end is rad as well!

Very interesting.

It was an odd flash, but I still enjoyed it. The animation was creepy at times, though I thought it was a simple style that fit the mood of the flash. I liked the vocies you used and the song during the credits sounded awesome. I thought the concept of the flash was pretty interesting, and I'm sure some people would let Tom Fulp paint stuff on their walls, haha. Keep up the good work!

tht was creepy

but im from the internet


Still as good as ever!!!!!!!!!!