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Reviews for "Popular on the Internet"


WOW, Trippy......

Lol its quite scary....



Thats fucking crazy!

I loved it. Hahaha.

Do you even know who i am?


that was fucking freakish! i mean, i like some random flash, but that was way too random! it sounded like you've been throught something like that and now you've put that on a flash....
if that's the case, all my 5 belong to you! you've managed to draw hate and mental illness due to all that odium, rancor, hate, abomination or whatever do you call it..

but, if you've done that only because that was an idea of yours (that seemed to be stolen from someone else), than blame this piece of crap! dude, that was way too disturbing for you to make it out of the blue!

LOL! Fucking Scary!

That was SOOOOOOO disturbing!