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Reviews for "Popular on the Internet"


Ientientburrito I was smoking pot and it was great

10/10 would recommend excuse me my friend is trying to tell a story now I must indulge him

oh and this flash is as whacked out as it ever was when I first watched it ages ago, surprised I never wrote a review until now


I'm just gonna pretend Zalgo made this.

This is more relevant than it was 6 years ago.

Too many people want their 15 minutes (and then some) of fame on the internet. They all want to leave their mark and start a new trend or joke (i.e. meme), and catalog every single piece of personal information for all to see. In the not too distant future, people will mistake internet popularity as an out to act like jerk, a prima donna... a smug bastard. Some would argue that day is upon us.

Sorry, didn't intend to get on my soapbox... but when a flash animation actually makes me think, I just can't keep it to myself.