Reviews for "Ruth's Valentine Tips"


keep up the good work!!

Wonchop responds:


Hey great flash ;)

It was great. It looked really good and it was funny too.
I´m waiting with excitement for your next movie ^^

Wonchop responds:

hehe yeah

Yes... Very... Creative.

That was hilarious your best one yet!!! Cant wait to see more of u!!! MONKEY JUICE!!

Wonchop responds:

Yum yum

Good job!

This is the only flash so far today that i've voted to protect. Good job on it and keep up the work.
-Rotting Oak

Wonchop responds:


Would you like that in a glass or a ARRRRGGGG!!!!!

Yeah, that was good, I liked it! 5 to you....

Wonchop responds:

It was actually CAAAAAAAAAAAAN!