Reviews for "Ruth's Valentine Tips"


really..? is Ruth really a ViRgIn..? i thought a girl that hot already got poked...

oh well...

lol nice

that actually helped ruth. im gonna be more careful with that kind of advice, plus it was entertaining ^^.

Very enjoyable.

This was a solid Valentine's Day flash,the animation was great with the character design and the script of it was excellent that had a lot of funny moments too especially the Pancreas part and as for the end well that was just weird but also hilarous too,overall i loved this Valentine's Day flash very much and it was another great Ruth flash period.


It's a pancreas!

She's a virgin?

Are you saying that she's NEVER "done it" with a man, and on that topic, how sure are you that she's *clear throt* never "done it" when she was smashed? And for that matter, how sure are you that she's never "done" anything other than traditional sex?