Reviews for "Ruth's Valentine Tips"


Great stuff!

Wonchop responds:


Why must it be weeaboo?

Animation is extremely well done, but the sound lacks quality. Was kind of funny, but there were parts that were just plain corny.
I'll give you a 4 because the opening sequence really made me look closer at this movie.

Wonchop responds:

hooray for crazy motion blurs

This was alright

It was cool and really funny keep up the good work

Wonchop responds:


I lol'd.

I lol'd. Nuff said. Except..

"It was funny cause you thought they were having sex but they weren't. I couldn't understand what the startrek guy said insted of a cup but whatever."

He screamed "KHAN". I knew that because I saw something just like that on Family Guy.. Fehoohy.

Wonchop responds:

yeah, a lot of people got confused about that


"Man, you so good! I'm gonna lose money wit' students like you! Ha-cha! Ha-ta! Hyaaaa!"

Wonchop responds:

Dojo. Casino. It's all in the mind.