Reviews for "Geeks In Love"


excellent quality all around. i'm glad that song got made into a cartoon because it's one of my favorite lemon demon songs...wonderful use of references.....really great animation to a really great song!

(and you gotta know you're a geek if you understand 99% of the references in this thing...that'd be me. hehe)

hope this flash makes it big!


OMG Does it matter that that is the story of me and my husband?

I hate Valentine's Day...

But I loved this. I love Lemon Demon's songs too. :) Good job.

Cute and heartwarming.

I'm not one to say something is cute and stuff. Though this is a very cute flash. Very heartwarming and has a nice message. Love holds no bounds and those who are the most in love look beyond face value.

Well done.

TmsT responds:

I'm not one to make "cute" Flash either, but I decided to make an exception for such an exceptionally great song.

Great Work!

I loved this flash,the animation was smooth,the music was great and all the geek references on the pin ups and the whole drawing the mona lisa on Mspaint,were hilarious!