Reviews for "Geeks In Love"


The flash was very nice. I really, really enjoyed the song. Good work ;D 5/5


4LL /\/\Y 5 R 83L0NG 2 7|-|1$!!!!

what a love story.

I mean geeks in love..wow..WHen i saw this i was shocked that it was so good..Great job. ^_^

i wish i could vote higher than 10

that is teh best music video evar.
i hoep that song apply to my girlfriend, when and if i find one.

and i am a geek
i have done all geeky things in theer exept own vulkan ears and ride a 2 person bike
you deserve some kind of medal
post scriptum(p.s.) how did you get random clothing the the dress up sceen totally sweet

TmsT responds:

The T-shirt slogans are randomised.

Hey, you're pretty geeky. Maybe your currently hypothetical geekgirl will find you!