Reviews for "Geeks In Love"

Yeah he did

To the last reviewer...Lemon Demon wrote the song for this, as well as Ultimate Showdown and EBaumWorldsux. He's even got a website LemonDemon dot com (I can't put URLS in my review)

No, i wasn't paid to say that, I'm just a big fan :P

Brilliant music video...

Excellent direction, animation, audio, everything, and the attention to detail; the million and one geeky references-- you, sirs, truly do have too much spare time.

Thanks for brightening this geek in love's evening.

An Excellent Flash! :)

I loved this! The graphics were excellent. The song was excellent. The humour was great!

10 out of 10! All my 5's are belong to this! <3

you win

this has to be one of the koolist I have seen on NG and lets face it everyone on here is a geek ;)

I only wish it was longer ........... so could loop it and jam out to 1800~12
hours of G33|<5 |^ |_0\/3

Superb my dear Animator, superb

I love this video so much because it tells how geeks are better than anyone else in the area of love <3. Good job to the people at Tmst (or person ;B XD). I also love Lemon Demon, they are one of the greatest bands ever. Kudos.