Reviews for "Geeks In Love"


It's soo good to be a geek ^_^
need work on the FF and rew but thatsd all lots of little thing to catch lol

Yatta Fuck yeah

WELL written song...

(But you should really get another singer).

Don't take that the wrong way, though. The video was hilarious and well drawn. You definitely get a ten, for reminding me of all the geeks in love I know.


OMFG!!! 50 l337!

1ik3 <4|\| j00 54y Y35!!!!!!!! You are a genius! I love this movie and am adding it to my favourites!!!!

((( GREAT )))

This was a great flash, really one of the better flash works of the day well V-Day anyways, great characters and art all around, im glad this won for something because its one of my faves, allthough the filesize was abit much i was still pleased with the outcome, anyways nice work, hope to see more soon...



i know half those inside jokes, my girlfriend loved this song, since i am like Ultra Geek, so it made me happy ^_^

Spockity Nimoy Love!
W00T! Live long an prosper muthafuka