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Reviews for "Atomic Clock Lesson"


Nice man, good job.
I learned something too. Bonus points for you.

I thought it was cute

The drawing was a bit shaky and the sound seemed off as far as volume at some points but overall I liked it. It was a bit confusing at first (I was actually trying to understand how an atomic clock works) but it was very informative. For having absolutely no idea what an Atomic Clock was when I first pressed play, I think you did a good job at teaching me about this type.

And the little electron really made me smile. Good work guys.


My first thought, this thing is going to be blammed, because you have clock in the title. Second thought, physics.... ah you know who watches this stuff at new grounds? Blam da blam blam.

But then I watched the whole thing.

*sniff, that was beautiful.

(And informative)

Ya did good.

Despite all odds, I think it made it.

Now will it make it to the front page.... news at 11.

Work on your drawing, or get some one to help you draw the people.

I mean you just had moving mouths on them, its worth it to put the extra time into those pics.


lol, vacuum

Very informative without being boring! One suggestion, for the electron, include subtitles.


Great job!

You sure do know "how to get an A" LOL! Nice flash! Hope you make more.