Reviews for "Goku the Real Story: ep 1"

Not good

First of... Goku can't be in that kind of condition... secondly... if some fucking negroe comes to goku and asks him to give his "shit" to him, goku would destroy him just with his energy that surrounds him.

Where the fuck do you people get these ideas? Goku kicks balls, just one of goku's armpit hair is stronger than 1000 galaxys, get real allready.

And about the flash from visual point of view.. not really "Fallen Angel" quality... not really "There she is" quality... not really "Biog foot" quality... not really.... oh yo get the idea.
Newgrounds is the place for top ranked flashes, if you submit something like this here, be sure to have a good ego enough to take some fucking critisism also.

for shame

jyst xpected more in the future don't make a eice of crap again i just ..don't know how tosay it but this sucked

GringoJago responds:

I'm sorry I betrayed the trust you placed in me Thomas.........

Though I must add, a persons first ever flash movie usually tends to be a little less than oscar-award winning (that shit's political anyway).

Can't wait to see some of your submissions in the future! :) :) :) :) :) ....................... >:[

it sucked

sorry but i hated it

YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Freak u man that sucked balls. Goku doesn't drink. GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a big fan of dbz. And Goku. I'm just pissed after seeing that.


i find it funny for how stupid it is!!! i mean come on that voice doesnt come even close to gokus and the story makes absolutely no sense at all