Reviews for "Goku the Real Story: ep 1"

Well... there goes one of my childhood heroes...

yea like.. it's ok for number 1 hey

it's allright for a number 1.. it's a fantastic series! wish there was a number 7...kinda didn't get to see the finish fight in a way... but anyways yeah number 1 starts the story I guess... voice was weird though lol :D

haha goku a drunko ;)

good idea! ^_^ its pretty funny...

it turned around!

one of the only submissions today that actualy made me laugh. my finger began poised over the blam button until i realised that in places you had infact made a decent effot with the animation (despite some areas looking a bit sketchy) and it was fairly amusin too. good job


do u realisr that this was kinda bad?!
it was funny in some parts but the voice for goku suked!
sry but i gave this submission a 4.