Reviews for "Goku the Real Story: ep 1"

who where those guys?

ok, fist i did like the whole thing... though the evangelion song is awesome, and it was used very nicely here, it... just dpoesn't fit with DB... i think everyoe who has seen both anime series would agree... well beside that... it wasnt good anime.. but hey WTF is ok... i'm not trying to be a pain in the ass... beside that it was a good flash... now i'll see the next episods

ignore the diot that reviewed before me

if the person that reviewed this before me sees this heres a messge-i also like dbz but dont get asll pissed from this pardoy it was good and also episode 2 is basically what goes on in dbz(example wen vegeta sez whilñe u were doing gthis i was training and ill distract him u attack from behind) a little exgaerated and 1 or 2 things r not but its funy that way


Kind of weak animations but i liked it. And yes thats about how i imagined life for goku


since when did James earl jones play gokus voice?


the ending was LOL yeah just work on the drawing and voices and wow