Reviews for "Goku the Real Story: ep 1"

I think this is a great take on things....

I thought it was humourous (with an o-u-r, like a a brit) because im into the whole twisted comedy sort of thing, maybe some better graphics next time, and that voice did get annoying, other than that, go for it again.

Heheh good idea

Poor Goku.. xD You should continue this.. make it into a series :D
Like.. you could make him come back into power or something?
Good job, keep it up.

Funny when Goku tried going Super Saiyan, lol!

Cough cough, Goku trying to go Super Saiyan, cough, lol! Trying to do a Karmehameha attack & failed because of his coughing. Could have been a bit funnier but overall I liked it. I've seen 2 & 3 & they are just wow, so great, made me smile that's for sure! I'd say people should watch this, as long as you don't mind swearing that is.

Good But short

God but a bit short, one of the best dbz parodys ever

That was cool and funny

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA that was so funny that's all I can say :D