Reviews for "Goku the Real Story: ep 1"

freaking hilarious

about time i saw a drunk Goku, lol

WTF!!! It was funnny!!! XD

If the voices were higher(and Goku's changed) it would be perfect (almost, ha ha)...I had to turn my speakers up pretty high...overall I enjoyed it

Good start, but.......

... the rest are kick ass!! No.2 and no.3 rock the world!! The only thing that let this toon down is the voice of Goku...... and the voice of goku... and the voice of goku. Everything else is flawless mate, just message me if you need help with the story or anything.


man u rock or girl . . . did i say u rock... u need more drunknes drunk people are so kool . . . but it sucks to be drunk dont do drugs it ruins u (¬¬) thats waht people say 9/10


That was so sweet and so true.