Reviews for "Goku the Real Story: ep 1"

it sucked

sorry but i hated it

it turned around!

one of the only submissions today that actualy made me laugh. my finger began poised over the blam button until i realised that in places you had infact made a decent effot with the animation (despite some areas looking a bit sketchy) and it was fairly amusin too. good job

kind of cool

i like it

Heheh good idea

Poor Goku.. xD You should continue this.. make it into a series :D
Like.. you could make him come back into power or something?
Good job, keep it up.

I think this is a great take on things....

I thought it was humourous (with an o-u-r, like a a brit) because im into the whole twisted comedy sort of thing, maybe some better graphics next time, and that voice did get annoying, other than that, go for it again.