Reviews for "Goku the Real Story: ep 1"

who where those guys?

ok, fist i did like the whole thing... though the evangelion song is awesome, and it was used very nicely here, it... just dpoesn't fit with DB... i think everyoe who has seen both anime series would agree... well beside that... it wasnt good anime.. but hey WTF is ok... i'm not trying to be a pain in the ass... beside that it was a good flash... now i'll see the next episods

Funny when Goku tried going Super Saiyan, lol!

Cough cough, Goku trying to go Super Saiyan, cough, lol! Trying to do a Karmehameha attack & failed because of his coughing. Could have been a bit funnier but overall I liked it. I've seen 2 & 3 & they are just wow, so great, made me smile that's for sure! I'd say people should watch this, as long as you don't mind swearing that is.

Good start, but.......

... the rest are kick ass!! No.2 and no.3 rock the world!! The only thing that let this toon down is the voice of Goku...... and the voice of goku... and the voice of goku. Everything else is flawless mate, just message me if you need help with the story or anything.

WTF was that?! It sucked! Just kidding! XD

It was funny, but Goku's voice sucked.

WTF!!! It was funnny!!! XD

If the voices were higher(and Goku's changed) it would be perfect (almost, ha ha)...I had to turn my speakers up pretty high...overall I enjoyed it