Reviews for "Goku the Real Story: ep 1"


That was so sweet and so true.

for shame

jyst xpected more in the future don't make a eice of crap again i just ..don't know how tosay it but this sucked

GringoJago responds:

I'm sorry I betrayed the trust you placed in me Thomas.........

Though I must add, a persons first ever flash movie usually tends to be a little less than oscar-award winning (that shit's political anyway).

Can't wait to see some of your submissions in the future! :) :) :) :) :) ....................... >:[


OBviouslly you people dont relize goku was a druggie/alcholic, and the voice was perfect for it, dude you did an exellent job, keep up the good work


man u rock or girl . . . did i say u rock... u need more drunknes drunk people are so kool . . . but it sucks to be drunk dont do drugs it ruins u (¬¬) thats waht people say 9/10


The drawings weren't very good, but that was some funny shit. Here's something I thought of while Goku said he died and Chi-Chi remarried. You should've shown Goku going over there on a Sunday and have Chi-Chi getting banged by some dude, that would've made me laugh lol.


GringoJago responds:

But the question is....which cast member of DBZ is Chi Chi fucking?

Don't worry, you'll find out if you follow the series.

Poor freakin Goku.