Reviews for "Optimus Prime"


Wow ,y a very nice take on transformers. Good use of texture and colors.
However the levels are rather high all over the picture. There would be more room to the darker levels but maybe you intendet it like that.
Also backround could have a bit more contrast, even if it might be foggy here. Same goes for the landscape foreground. It feels like hes hanging in midair on groundlevel. Just a slight darkening gradient would make the ground much more "touchable" or present.
Hope I could help a bit though (Im doin nothin else than backgrounds :D ..)

Wavechan responds:

Ooh, thanks ^^ I kept playing around with the levels and saturation a ton actually. @_@ It was driving me insane, haha. XD I just ended up getting so frustrated and I settled on this :) Thanks for the tips though!!


I have never seen an illustration of Optimus this good

Wavechan responds:

Aw, thanks :)


Really fucking amazing. I'm super impressed. 5/5 10/10

o_O!! gratz man

Nice work. It's awesome, I like your style.


I am speechless!I saw all you arts (I'm not exaggerating!!) and I don't have words to say this, but you are the BEST!!!The details of the art, the characters, the backscreen.Everything of 1° quality!5/5 10/10 to you!And this Optimus Prime is one of the bests!(I believe the best in Newgrounds...)

You have more than what it takes to follow your dream of being manga artist or Marvel's colorist, Wavechan.