Reviews for "Optimus Prime"


Wow ,y a very nice take on transformers. Good use of texture and colors.
However the levels are rather high all over the picture. There would be more room to the darker levels but maybe you intendet it like that.
Also backround could have a bit more contrast, even if it might be foggy here. Same goes for the landscape foreground. It feels like hes hanging in midair on groundlevel. Just a slight darkening gradient would make the ground much more "touchable" or present.
Hope I could help a bit though (Im doin nothin else than backgrounds :D ..)

Wavechan responds:

Ooh, thanks ^^ I kept playing around with the levels and saturation a ton actually. @_@ It was driving me insane, haha. XD I just ended up getting so frustrated and I settled on this :) Thanks for the tips though!!


This is incredible. I love how the swords look.

Wavechan responds:

Thankyou :) The swords were really fun to do :D


This is great.
I really love how you have designed this piece of art.

Wavechan responds:

Thanks :)

Great work!!!!!

Fantastic job on this I love the pose and your coloring.

Wavechan responds:

Thanks kindly :)


great color
more could have been added
to this shot thou
like the glow effect

reviewed by msg

Wavechan responds:

I was gonna add Megatron, though... I felt it woud've taken too much away from Optimus :( Thanks :)