Reviews for "Optimus Prime"

Nice work

So this was pretty good and some nice effects on this one you have some nice detail I think even more glow on his blades would be really nice but overall this was a real nice piece of work here great prime you have created so nice job on this one

Some nice detail here maybe some added glow on the blades


looks like i found myself a new member of our team

hail prime


the first piece of artwork that actually got me in tears..
even more so than the forest fight scene itself..

great work :)


It's artwork like this that makes me proud to be a member of Newgrounds! This is a lot like the kind of work that was used in the 2007 movie, and maybe some of the other ones. The strongest point in this is that everything is just detailed fantastically. This makes me wish that I could see if there was a section where we documented the highest scores for art pieces. I bet this would rank in the Top 10! The best part of his body is easily the yellow knives jutting out.

It gives you a perfect feeling of him going out and ready to attack! Oh yeah, now I remember the forest from the second movie. Prime can be seen here as a sort of American symbol, because of how much he shows his red white and blue colors. It's stuff like this that makes me wish the movie was that good. You are a credit to all Transformers fans and to all art fans. The body proportions are also just perfectly done.