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Reviews for "FF7 Viva la revolution"

I Liked it!

I think it would be great with voices though...But other than that, right on!


It was good (purely because the comic it was based on was good) but I don't really think it added much to the concept of the comic and actually worked better in it's original form to be honest.

hehehehe....sneaky sephiroth

moonkies, it needs a monkey!!

Ultralink responds:

Sorry, I am not made of monkeies. >_>

haha, Great.

I've read vgcats comics for a long time. This one was funny. I'm glad someone was bold enough to create an animation of it. You should tell the creator of the comics about this, so that every vgcats fan will know about it.

Very good.

You know some of you out there really need to take a step back and relax here. He made a flash based on a comic. I could understand the criticism if he had done it and claimed it as his own. He did not so I fail to understand what the problem is. Some have even made the argument that the joke isn't his and therefore isn't funny. How many times have we seen someone outright take someone elses joke and use it? How many times have we seen one form of humor based off of another? For arguments sake I could point out that 99% of whats out there is not original at all. All of you people who are going off on this guy ought to just take a step back and really think about why your being so harsh. Is it because he animated a comic strip and maybe didn't do it the way you would do it? Or are you guys just being opinionated about it?

Anyway as for the flash I would have personally animated it just a tad bit better and added voice overall. Its as it stands now good, the joke is still funny but it would be a lot better if the animation was improved and voices added to it. Good job either way.