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Reviews for "FF7 Viva la revolution"

fuck yeah

ha ha ha ha ha

It was good.

I know perfectly well that VGCats came up with the original idea, and apparently most of the users on Newgrounds are either illiterate, or just too lazy to read a damn description. The humor was there, unlike what others have posted, and I don't think that it was a wasted effort. Keep up the good work.

~Celest Orion

9/10 just for the sake of saying that the idea was made by someone else.

Lacking somewhat...

Sadly, while the comic was good, you probly should have spent more time on it.

Not bad...but

It's great to see that folks like "SeiferAlmas"(commented before me) read the artist comments (sarcasim).

Anyway, I personaly think it wasn't bad yet not good. It would have been funnier if it was the Leo version of Cloud and I hoped you would have at least tried to put a few more voices in there. However, fair animation and fair voice acting.

Oh and ignore the the ignorant people. (Example:SeiferAlmas)

Im not made of Negativity

The "Im not made of Softs" line was hilarious. I love anything having to do with FF7