Reviews for "The Chamber"

Lol, random

But random is good, just like stamping random people :)

great game! make more!

canadianhockeyfreak responds:

Thanks, I'll try


the first kill was a bit lame... but evry animation should have a big metal claw in it. all the rest were good. the animation was smooth and the music was alright. all in all, nice job man

canadianhockeyfreak responds:

Thanks. Ya, i know the first kill was a bit lame, but I needed a robotic claw somewhere...maybe i shouldn't have put it first though. Oh well


I just didnt get impressive of this. Ways to kill were boring and etc.

Not Bad

Everything was above average, except maybe humor. I'm no sadist so this didn't give me many jollies. Gruesome killing just isn't my thing. Animation was good enough for the purpose, more customizable and drawn out killing sequences would be good.

canadianhockeyfreak responds:

Ya, I guess you have to be a little mentally unstable (or really pissed) to enjoy this to the full extent. The reason I didnt have more killing sequences qas cause i ran out of ideas. No one responded when I asked for help in NG alphas


I liked it.

canadianhockeyfreak responds:

Thanks...what do you mean by sexy?