Reviews for "Cock Slapped"

Quite funny

That was quite funny, but dude, i'm 15 ok, that euphamism isn't the most out of the ordinary thing ever, i'm sure many many teenagers hav swapped the word 'glove' for the word 'cock' to make the song the simpsons made funny even funnier. Good, but try something a little less mainstream next time k?

AWESOME!! lmao!

That was great and there was violence like when the cock slapped that guy lol anyways good shit and keep it up man lmao!

Very well done!

Well let’s get straight to bisnieus. I tell you whats good and wrong:

Graphics: Very well done. And very nice, the chickens almost looks real!

Style: A good style. I liked the background...

Sound: Very good. I liked when that Chicken talked and that Pjak became between his voice. Yeah i like it...

Violence: Well it’s not hard...

Interactivity: Yep. Nothing happend to me...

Humor: Well, this ''chickens'' are ''chickens'' so if you order ''chicken'' they get angry. And faint. Like i saw

Overall: Well, this movie is great! I laughed when the chicken fainted and that guy is gonna eat it. And the other chicken saw it and run away quickly. This movie is great i am gonna add this to my favourites!

Nice Job

I like how the menu said "Eat Chickens Here"

One word... awsome.

This was great, I love everything you guys do. Keep up the good work man.