Reviews for "Cock Slapped"

Great as always...

Great animation, sound (especially clucking), and the humour... oh god the humour. What really cracked me up was that Eric is the cheapest thing on the menu...
Why do you guys give him such a hard time? :P
Bring on TN4!
I'm not sure what interactivity is in relation to animations, though...


heh heh heh... funny

Funny. I liked it.

I watched it 3 times in a row. I wonder how it would have changed if the chickens wre replaced with cows.

Haha.. Fuck yeah.

I giggled. :)


Another great TN movie with Chase

That was so funny! I love the part with the "Cow Noddle Soup." The best part was when the roster died and Chase just went to eat it...... Can't wait to see more!