Reviews for "Cock Slapped"

Funny as hell

I had a good laugh with this one..

Cow noodle soup.

I don't mean to be negative but it looks like the art put in for the menu is better than the art in the animation. Just an observation. Nice design skills I guess.

The joke was a little weird and I saw it comming from a mile away but the sound and animation still work so it didn't hurt your score too badly. Keep it up, I <3 Tomorrow's Nobodies. (did this qualify as a 'Nobody's Shorts'?)

funny stuff

I dunno why but I like your stuff. The pac man one was better but I liked this too. Stupid concepts but you really have a good grasp of timing these jokes. Comedy is all about timing, it can make even the simplist jokes funny. Keep it up man.

mmm, beef noodle soup

Very clever, i had a good laugh at this one.

Awesome! :D

Awesome movie. I've watched it over and over again. It's so funny. I love the jokes in it. One of my favourites.
I like your style a lot. However, the sound could use some better sync.