Reviews for "Cock Slapped"


LOL, i loved this. Its halarious. I only gave it a low style bcause i like the old tomarrows nobodies animation. How come we havent seen a new tommarrows nobodies n a while?

Dangit... now i want a chicken samich

kick a$$

great stuff been along gtime seen's iv lol that hard

LMFAO, and i dont know why

omfg that was so hilarious it made me type things like lmfao and lol and omfg... yeah, well i gave humor 10 because it made me piss myself, interactivity 10 cuz i got to press the play button and u could clik on authors, violence 10 cuz he got smacked, sound, sty;e and graphics were all good too. i liked it. keep it up. lol "that... actually felt nice. do it again but on the other side" lol

Not bad at all. It was LoL funny!

Good job. The graphics were wierd but not bad at all. It was really funny though. Good Job!


this had me laughing but in a wtf kind of way great movie