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Reviews for "_Cooties_"


it's very addicting. i love it. very fun game, good job. keep it up!

Jiggmin responds:

Thank you.

hey hey

i only gave it a 10 for violence because my mummy told me never to hit girls... and yet she always told me i'd be beating them off with sticks sound 6 perhaps you should do another version were there are sleazy guys after the pretty young girl? or you have to get the girl? you could develop thee ideas further than this but it's a helluva lot better than what i can do


This game is great for relieving stress...

Plus, its fun to beat up girls with the ultimate weapon in the game: a trashcan!

awsome sause!!!!!!!

it is a very nice game dude i remember playing this on a diffent site


i realy like the game and hitting girls would be my dream!!!!!!!!!! but i cant beat levl 3