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Reviews for "_Cooties_"


This is a GREAT game and "LoneWolfCharles", IT'S A GAME! CALM DOWN! First of all, the person who posted this didn't CREATE the game. This game is from armorgames.com. Also, I don't think the creator went one day "Ooooohh I fucking hate chicks I think to show them how much I really HATE them I have a GREAT idea! I'll make a game about beating the shit out of girls!" No. Really? Who the HELL would make a FLASH GAME in intentions of PISSING A GROUP OF PEOPLE OFF!!!??? There are more severe and harsh ways to show hatred than making a game (excluding violence). Think before speaking.

Fucking clusterfuck!!!

The game's alright. I would love to have a shitload of girls clusterfucking around me everyday. I can't get past the playground though, which pisses me off.


seems that man doesnt like girls i want to got girls loving me around


omg so tight make a # 2 pleas with more wepons an you could grab girls like the angel

this is fucked up

this game isnt that cool and it horible you think its right to hit women and cooties seriously how do you think you were born dumbass