Reviews for "_Cooties_"

^^ on Noes!!! teh C00ties :O

ha ha ha...that was great...fun game to play...


Jiggmin responds:

Thanks. END. :)


it's very addicting. i love it. very fun game, good job. keep it up!

Jiggmin responds:

Thank you.

not bad

i don't know why people have long intros to their flash projects its not like i clicked the link to watch an intro i clicked to start doing what ever the hell the link was to. other than that an interesting game, swinging things around with no apperent story.

Jiggmin responds:

Haha, yeah... You're probably right about the intro. I got carried away with it.


I loved it sooooo mush and it was funny. Great job!

Jiggmin responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.