Reviews for "_Cooties_"


good idea good story line (sorta) good gameplay good sound needs another kinda weapon

Good But Controls aren't great

Great concept for a game but it was very hard to actually throw the objects and sometimes the guy would keep hold of them, sometimes he'd just drop them. Good Idea though!

haha, yay

I love this game, especially when cupid says "can you feel the love tnoight", because he sounds like cartman =D. It's extremly well done, but dang, that has to suck for that guy haha.

Well done

Hey I love this game really maybe its because i know this problem with the valentines day but izs a fantastic game an my friend think so too. Great Stuff


dude i didnt think that this game was that good i think theres well room 4 improvement dude

Jiggmin responds:

Yes, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Thanks for the review.