Reviews for "_Cooties_"


really fun/addicting u could add like survival mode where u hav 1 hp til cooties and u defend against kisses either way nice game XD

AHHHHH! My teacher has cooties! And she's ugly too

lolz i felt like one of the matrix guy how they can deflect things like they had eyes in the back of their head. At the back of the bus, grab the bone. It's got the same range as a pencil, and more damage. Uh oh, it's the cootietized teacher ( SHOVE REALLY HARD TO GET HER FAT ASS DOWN ) LEVEL COMPLETE! Shit, now I gotta face that asshole Cupid.... By the way, add more ppl and weapons like a machine gun that shoots big letters saying" NO! I DON"T LIKE YOU!" and when you kill them they should just walk away all sad faced. Also, you can use the trash can to pummel them straight into the ground. Good job. Shit, teacher's back up again. ( MOANS TRYING TO PUSH HER FAT ASS DOWN AGAIN )


the teachers name is mrs. meanobitch lol ....only 1 hit 2 knock her out lol

rofl awesome

Very fun game i loved it awesome :D

hahaha!!!!!, excelent!!

every high school students dream (i should know, i am one)