Reviews for "_Cooties_"

The last level seems impossible..

How many times must you hurl Cupid into the spikes?! I already threw him at the spikes 5 times. And there's some glitch where they release a huge crapload of green hearts at you, and you end up losing after coming so close to winning. Like I did. -_-

how'd you do the arm

Il'd like to know how to do that

Good, but the throwing is horrific.

Cupid is based off of throwing, right? Well throwing doesn't work. It should be to hold things, you hold the left click. And throw/drop, to let go. It's not like that. It's click to pick up, and click to let go, and that has many glitches. I can't get Cupid out of my hands to throw and kill him. With that huge glitch, you lost many points. I thought the teacher boss battle was hilarious. "Wait, I think my teacher is a girl, too! (I think) No taking chances, I have to take her out!" Then all you do is run up to her and hit her once. XD


im going to have nightmares tonight but beside that its a great game BUT THERE ARE TO MANY DANG HEARTS AND CUPID IS TOO HARD!!!!!!11111 HAVE MERCY!!!!!

hate it

first of all the ppl r ugly as h*** 2nd girls dont have cooties 3rd its boring
so i hate this game