Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 1]"

f***ing awesome !!!

That was one of the best animations on NG !
it was REALLY good !!!!!!
i loved it
i cant wait to see more
i loved blockhead and then now this !!!
your a genius, man

blockhead rules.

simply stated: blockhead rules. i wish i had thought of him, but, since i didn't, i must merely thank god that he exists at all


This is a great flash. One can tell that you poured your effort into it- at the same time it presents a very entertaining story while seeming to serve as a testing ground for different characters, scenes, emotions, and story elements. On your site you describe how blockhead is such a testing ground, and I can't wait to see what you'll make next. The sheer length of all the parts is monumental: 30 minutes, which is much more than the length of a standard TV cartoon episode excluding commercials.

Though the character's don't change much, some of them do in important ways (such as the cyborg with his death and such). This isn't a negative because too much character development would be unfitting in a pure action movie like this. Blockhead's complete lack of change whatsoever despite the dangerous situations adds humor, and him telling the conscious that he forgot what had happened after the adventure adds a sense of resolved pointlessness- if the adventure had not happened, Blockhead would act the exact same.

The music is very polished- though it still shows audible roots in midi (in some of the portions, especially the percussion I think I hear rendered midi) it still fits every scene very well and the whole score is never uninteresting or distracting. If you had better equipment I'd bet you could make some damn fine music for flashes.


THE BEST! this is the best series ever man! i mean everyone is so serious and blockhead is like will you sign my viloca raptor? lol its great good job man!


I was in the attic