Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 1]"

It was weird not to have Blockhead's conscience appear in this much. I really like how you set up a story arc with this. Did you know "Time Squad" was the name of a show on Cartoon Network? This probably is one of the best of the "Blockhead" series. It's mostly because the characters besides Blockhead play it straight so well. It really does work better as something serious.

It's a little hard to follow. Blockhead seems less annoying than usual. Well, he really isn't because he annoys the other characters like his conscience more than he annoys the audience. It's a rule of comedy! The animaton is great too.

I remember watching blockhead, but i never watched this before x) Interesting thingy i wanna watch the other episodes too :D

This is Awesome


This is the very thing those villagers where trying to prevent.