Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 1]"

very cool

The serious storyline + the hilarious stupidity of blockhead = what will be a good series.


Ahahahaha, blockhead is cool.
It is very humorous watching blockhead jumping around in the background in such a deadly situation with a smile on his face =)

The-Swain responds:

I animated the Blockhead-background stuff last, and I'll admit that the movie was a little boring to me until I finally got him in there. A lot of blank pauses in the action with the words "ADD BLOCKHEAD HERE" superimposed over the screen.


It's really funny to see Blockhead running up and down on the background while he is in a serious situation! Damn he's stupid, and that's why we love him! :)

Execlent story

Great story line (it might just be that I like time travel, and am entriged by it), but it really was a great piece of flash!

Good Job

Second Blockhead movie I've seen and I've seen a lot about your character's idiotical stuff he does. I know I'm still a newb, but I have to say, this flash is kinda a mix-up of a serious flash and a hilarious flash. His stupidness and randomness made the atmosphere look great. I'm no expert but I can tell you this is one excellent flash. =)