Reviews for "Sonic the Flash Movie"


I liked this Tails is evil, Sonic is a moron and a jerk, Knuckles: oh god shut up you cry baby -_-;


Make a game

TheBlox responds:

Make a game huh? Well, it just so happens that I have been working on a game starring Shadow the Hedgehog... BUT!! HEAR ME OUT!!! There are no promises to whether or not the game will even be finished. I tell ya though, I'm doing my best.

Pretty Good.

Awesome. Its awesome.. and funny XD.
Graphics are 8 becasue its just sprites.
Style is 10 because its just awesome =P
Sound is 9 because the Sonic music rocks.
Violence.. not really any blood here. But fighting.. etc.
Interactivity... meh.
Humor = 10 ^^ I found this mostly funny.
Overall you recieve a 10! 5/5 *two thumbs up!* Congrats!

I was also wondering, How do you make those buttons like Play movie and etc. Im kinda new at flash making ... >.>

TheBlox responds:

Glad you liked it.

Ok, I'll explain how to make a button...
First, draw your button in Flash. Select the button that you've drawn, and go to Modify > Convert to Symbol. Select "Button" and click OK. There's your button.
The button won't do anything yet because you haven't gave your button a code. If you want it to play, right click the button and click "Actions". In the "Actions panel", click the options on the left "Movie Controls", and double click what you need the button to do. If you click play, it should give you the rest of the code that looks like this...

on (release) {

Did it work? Email me if you have any more questions.


Grait ... But whats Parfate =D

Classic Humor

"I have negotiating skills!"

This was really very funny, and the smooth animation made this flash even better. This wasn't even cheesy at all, which seems to be hard to do these days. You even based this not on the anime, but on the game! Yeah, I really like this one.