Reviews for "Sonic the Flash Movie"


fine fine but not that good. i think you should add more battles and super sonic vs super shadow. looks like sonic is owned. blast that other things go nuts. and i dont think shadow is fuuny but great job. i couldnt do a thing like this. and the moves are new. i never seen a super sonic sprite like that. you just painted it right.


Im with Knuckles93. FUNNY!!! Fight scenes were kinda slow, though.


I love Tails! NOT IN A GAY WAY!

Very NIce

The animation was really smooth(frankly, smoother than some of the games) and i liked the plot line and jokes(heh heh...parfait) anywas, the only thing i found lacking was the fight scene...it seemed a little too slow between blows. But other than that, 9/10

shadow's funny

They should make a sonic series as funny as this. ^_^