Reviews for "Sonic the Flash Movie"

I've seen this before....

This was on the net on here not too long ago. I remember seeing it dude. It was pretty good. Had more humor in it than anything. The fight at the end I thought was pretty good though, and the animation in the whole thing was very neat and smooth. Nice job dude. Just maybe add some more varied sounds in future eps. dude. Keep up the good work.

Peace Out


I wonder if Shadow ever got around to buying the parfait industry...

To Nnightmares:

PS: Cake? Isn't a parfait a layer thing with yogert and fruit with like 3 layers or something?


Freaking awsome, good job!
PS: A Parfait is a multilayered snack cake thing, usually in something like a pudding cup, i think there are 7 layers.

warning: super funny content!

the lemonade hill scene was the funnyest thing ever!!!!
the part when everybody is rolling down the hill and then shadow shouts "LETS GO

P.S. what is a parfait??

Lol Knuckles is the smart 1 hereO.o

strange lol and funny love it make more xD good job