Reviews for "Sonic the Flash Movie"

cool vid bro

sonic is good

To Rob-bob8520...

Seriously? You rated it 1 out of 10 because Sonic's in it? That's pretty biased. Sure, the animation isn't the best but it's very far from the worst. 'it's this kind of criticism that creates the great animators of tomorrow'- Seriously, what? 'Sonic's in it so it's bad' is what makes good animators?That's news to me...


This has to be the worst use of sprites in a flash clip...in my own opinion it is definitely the most amateur attempt of making sprite animation EVER. The frame rate was low, the backdrops looked extremely degraded and sound effects and the overall quality of this could have been improved dramatically. But I'm sure your skills will improve over time...I only gave you a one because Sonics in it :l...and for the record I'm sorry if you think I'm a total A-hole after reading my insignificant review, but cheer up, it's this kind of criticism that creates the great animators of tomorrow...I just hope that some of the things I pointed out could maybe help you with future projects

not so good

the screen is too small,and its very slow.
I'm not sure this is the best.

hey vinovin

he did not ask knuckles told him about the pool