Reviews for "Cascada - One More Night (EnV)"

Good work

One of the best remixes of this song. 10/10 5/5

Envy responds:

Thanks ^^

I will die of happiness wen u finish this

This is truly looking like it's gona be one of the best things ever.
Firstly - its by Envy - (according to me) best artist ever, then the loudness and the sounds and alllll of it is so amazing i forgot to breathe when i was listening to this.

Life spins around stuff like this man.


Envy responds:

Now if only a record label would spit that at me :3


Thanks I'm really trying to push myself to the limit on this one because It keeps my head straight with finals coming up. Thanks again ^^

Nice one

Great song envy i like that


oh jebus :o

hearing some clipping issues around 0:35ish areas, could just be my headphones.. doubt it though

also, the key in the piece makes the overall tone sound optimistic.. (imo)

Envy responds:

I'm working on the mixing

And whats wrong with optimistic? The song is called one more night!


You're music is freaking awesome! o_o You have no idea how fun it is to run to stuff like yours during a long 8 mile run in the morning. <33 Hah! I sound like I'm totally gay when it plays on my iPod, but I don't care. ;D It's totally awesome.