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Reviews for "CSAMW: A Word on Bullying"

excellent work

ido this alot, i look at the file size and think, blammo, but after watching it i have to admit, its pretty damn good
you say this is (basically) your first attempt? lol, great job
keep it up :D


I bow 1000 times in your direction! Thank you soooo much! I feel that as long as you put the work into it, a first attempt can be worthwhile. You have just validated my feelings! Thanks again for the kind words!

lol dats amazing

your flash is well funny! deserves front page in my opinion


Ha! If that were to happen, I would probably die of a heart attack of happiness. Thank you so much for your review. It makes all my work worthwhile! Thanks again for your kind words!


All my five are belong to this. Because i'm not Biased.


V the Impaler.


Thanks for your, um...cyrptic remarks! I still don't understand why the interactivity merits a 10, though. Thanks again!


You have good humor..i like how the captain guy kept on changing every scene or two


Thanks! I'm glad you appreciate my sense of humor! Though, a "10" for interactivity? I guess that replay button was better than I thought! =P


Wow... that was a great first flash. CSAMW's random character changes were hilarious. Hope you keep working on the series!

I did have some sync issues with the sound not matching up with the lips. Not sure if that's my computer crapping out or if it's actually a problem with the flash, though. Either way, hope to see more of your work soon.


Thank you sooo much for your review! Based on what I've been hearing, I think I am going to keep the series going. Huzzah!

I'll admit that the lip synching problems came from my end. There's just a tiny bit of lag when I'm making the movie, and I couldn't seem to work it out just right. As I get more experience, though, I'll work on better mouths and synching.

Thanks again for your kind words!