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Reviews for "CSAMW: A Word on Bullying"

that was great!

i think you're inspired by capt capitalism.
but that's alrigh, this rocks and is really funny.
- better graphics: you learn by doing
that's all really, the better graphics aren't necessary cuz these are good enough to be a hit!

what i suggest:
- make a series out of this.
- do NOT change the name and how he says it.
- do NOT change the random looks of the capatain super america man of wonder (or whats his name) that could be a trademark.

that's it!
better graphics, except, don't change a thing.
and you can really make a good series.


Haha, I probably was subconciously inspired by Capt. Capitalism! Thank for your comprehensive review!

My official angle is that "The graphics are *supposed* to be bad," but that's just a cop-out for the fact that I'm just a newb. However, as you said, you learn by doing, so I expect things to clean up as time goes on.

As to your suggestions:
-I'm pretty sure I will do that at this point. The reviews have been good enough that I feel vindicated, so the Captain shall go on!
-Lol, I would never dream of changing the name. I have a love for unnecesarily bulky names and "super voices."
-Yeah, if that could be the Captain's trademark, that'd be cool! Then other people could steal from *me*! Huzzah!

Thanks again for your excellent review and kind words; it makes it all worthwhile!


the graphics werent too appealing, but damn man that was funny keep it up and you could have a great series


Thanks for your review!

I made the graphics lackluster so as to give this a feeling of low production values (which is a way of coping with my crappy drawing style =P).

Based on what I've been hearing, I think I am going to be continuing this as time goes on, so I can improve the graphics to actual decent quality! Huzzah!

Thanks again for your kind words!


Wow... that was a great first flash. CSAMW's random character changes were hilarious. Hope you keep working on the series!

I did have some sync issues with the sound not matching up with the lips. Not sure if that's my computer crapping out or if it's actually a problem with the flash, though. Either way, hope to see more of your work soon.


Thank you sooo much for your review! Based on what I've been hearing, I think I am going to keep the series going. Huzzah!

I'll admit that the lip synching problems came from my end. There's just a tiny bit of lag when I'm making the movie, and I couldn't seem to work it out just right. As I get more experience, though, I'll work on better mouths and synching.

Thanks again for your kind words!

you got a 25/100 of this making it

im just telling you what i think some people dont want to here about bulling


That's probably true, but my main point wasn't exactly making a real stance on bullying (particularly since the Captain is a bit of a bully himself). It's just a simple introduction that *happens* to have bullies in it. However, I thank you very much for your review!

Nice job!

Its good to see someone put some effort into a first work and have it come out well! The random stuff in there is very humorous especially the guys head being blown off. Keep the series going.


Thank you very much! I agree that all a first flash needs is some effort put into it for it to be decent. Based on the way the reviews are going, I think I will keep the series going! (By the way, that's my favorite part as well. =P) Thanks again!