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Reviews for "Left4Dead TANK Dance Remix"

very good

love it

PURE BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!

nuff said. im just having trouble decideing if i like this or the heavy metal version better....screw it i love them both! just one more thing......

dance or shoot? DANCE OR SHOOT?!?!?!?!

totaly nice dude...

u should post this on fpsbanana..they got many items and extras for the fps games
like L4D

make it bigger +_+ so u can have a BIG tank fight while ya bang your head ...not just 53 sec D=

^^ i think it would have a preaty good score...so yea

cant say much 9/10

plz take a listen to my music aswell =D http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/281285

Peace DrX

KorpzeAudio responds:

Well honestly I cannot make it bigger if you want it to be in the game, because for some reason Valve put it where if the sound is longer then the original song then it cuts off where the original song ended. Its really just supposed to be short and loop. But for the remix, just for listening and not for the game, yeah I could make it longer.
But anyway thanks for the review, I appreciate it.