Reviews for "(2006) Klay Kamping!"

another classic by Knox!

ive read some of the reviews, and wow, some people are stupid. one guy criticized you for not using a script. thats what makes you so awesome! and i dont think you've lost one bit of your style. this movie shows it. it also shows that, if anything, you're improving. the klaymen are doing more intricate and unique actions which you never had them do in your early years. i loved when that guy spun around and flipped! it was totally pointless yet so awesome. i was kinda expecting someone to get caught on fire tho.. :P

if you ever retire the blue klaymen, ill have no choice but to commit seppuku.

or spill a glass of water.

i look forward to Villain! keep up the good work dammit!

you did it again

How do you do such great klaymation films you are the best. I can't wait for villian to come out. I want to buy Klay World: Off the Table but my mom doesn't want to pay 25 dollars for a movie i might only wacht once. I thing its asome but im only 13 and i dont have pay pal. So i was wondering if you could like put your movies in blockbusters and other stores. I bet you'll probably make twice as much money your makeing right now and you'll become more well known around the world. Its only a suggestion

P.S. what kind of clay do you use because i thought of buying plastalina clay and i don't want to waste my money on crappy clay. Ohh yea congratulation for getting Dave Rand the special effects dude from the Matrix.


"its funny cause the robot has no arms" XD

the dilly-dally-ghost

the don't dilly-dally to much or the dilly-dally-ghost will come and punch you in the noggin lol!! almost laughed to death

look at nature

its a rock and a tree.lol man i have always loved your work and always will. keep them coming!