Reviews for "(2006) Klay Kamping!"

warming up for my order of klayworld

im in england so i dont know how long it will take, i ordered last week waaaaaaaaaaaaaa could be ages :'( this will hopefully keep me goin till it comes. ooooooo the antisipation


Man, I don't see why all these people hate you, how CAN they hate you? I guess their sense of humor is billions of people committing mass suicide, sick freaks. Ive loved your animations since I first saw them, and I still love em. You seem to never disappoint me with them. And I bet you never will.
Oh and, good luck with Villain! =D

- Kris

Your best work yet

This is proberly ur best work yet or it maybe the fact that you havent posted anythin for a while but still as my friend tony would say:'' It'sssss GRRRRRRRRR8'' =D

That was good just like the others you made.

you made an other good one just like "News-paper monster" but the new movies seem to be lacking something from the origenals.

the problem isn't that they're not funny, the problem is that it seems slow. It's not because of our computers, It's because of the silet gaps in the movies e.g. "Trouble Makers" and "Swiming-pool"

the other problem is that it is to quiet, The movies don't have the cool music that was in "Knox Klay World" ( exept #6 ). The viewers may not want exactly the same music but something to end the silence would be nice.

I hope you can use this creative critisizim to improve your movies.
and remember your doing a good job, thankyou for your time.


YAY KNOX IS MAKING MORE MOVIES WOOT! hahaha this one kicked ass that was so kool! "its funny coz the robot has no arms!" LMAO!