Reviews for "(2006) Klay Kamping!"

Usually better...

Hey, I generally love your work, but this one really didn't do much for me. The pauses were way too long, and the jokes weren't your best. Ah well, I think this is the only one I've been dissappointed in, so that's something. Keep up the good work.


That Was the funniest freaking thing ive seen!lol! I always loved your stuff man its always awsome! you should like make one about rock climbing! all the clay guys would like fall on rocks and stuff lol! ne ways KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK KNOX!

That suck for that guy


knox is the greatest animator alive

knox rulz yes he does! anyway klay camping was an original idea and i cant wait on the clay wall im giving you a ten becaise this movie rox and has lots of funny..stuff go knox

Knox never ceases to amuse me

This movie rocks (just like almost all his other ones). I can't think of anyone who would hate this guy so much. The preloader picture is also hilarious