Reviews for "(2006) Klay Kamping!"

That was amazingly funny.

I loved the Dilliy Dally Ghost that was very excruciatingly funny. Keep up the good work Knox.


That was hilarious! I love the clay guys! ^^

so funny lol

those claymen are so cool and funny keep the good work lol

the crazy kamping fun

sit back with a frikking marshmellow. ok these non prepared klay men go kamping in something like the whispy w00ds. now there telling ghost stories when the klay man with a kook comes beat all of them to pulp, very very very very cool. klay animation is still alive!!

im not gona kil u guyz.ur not?m-m ima kill myself.

roflmao! these shows are teh best!

"oh no! its the dam dilly dally ghost! come to screw up our camping trip!" "ooooo, *blaghhaghhaghhhh*" "wut is... is he done?" "i-" "here comes the fist!!" oh no not the fist! run!" "no dont run!" "wut? ok"

yes im so addicted to fun/funny things that i actually memorize them roflmao! im so weird that way! Knox, youve managed to make us all laugh (yet again)!