Reviews for "The clock tower"

Totally awesome!

Great movie there buddy, made me laugh quite hard.

ReporterClock responds:

Gosh, thanks! :D


That was some fine crap man ! OK , that was good , and most clock movies dont have a plot , i see your point :P . Good work , Blurgh!

It's nice to have a funny clock movie!

Wow, a good clock movie! We haven't had one of those since "CC - Operation STAR" (over a month ago)!!! Everything - graphics, style, sound, and humor - was excellent! The humor was top-notch, and I loved all of it (especially the story of the skyscraper)! Nice job, ReporterClock! It's nice to know that there are a few great animators (including MineralWaterClock and JonBro) still in the CC! Overall: 10/10

Excellent work.

Gotta love Reporterclock.

I love the art work. The animation is pretty smooth.

SecretaryClock is ugly though, how could he wanna hook up with her?

I just wished I could have seen real puke when reporterclock puked.

Other than that, I'm not bitching.

Great work and please keep making more.

ReporterClock responds:

Se's a secretary, that's what emplyers do.

Get it? Do?


that was so funny. that skyscraper being so sarcastic and all and seeing forkclock far away. boy,i sure wish i was a clock. then i could talk to skyscraperclock all day! oh well,not all wishes come true. :'(

nice and funny work by the way reporterclock! :)

ReporterClock responds:

thank you =)